Eco to Go Reusable Container Program

Wesleyan’s Eco to Go program is expanding its partnership with reUser to make it easier for you to reUse takeout packaging on campus. This fall, you will be able to get your food in reUsable packaging from not only Summies but also Usdan Marketplace! Whenever you need to take food out from the dining hall, you’ll be able to use a durable takeout container that can be dropped off, cleaned, and put back into use. These containers have been linked to the reUser platform for quick drop-off and pick-up through the reUser mobile app. More information is here:

You can download the reUser app from the Google Play or Apple App stores via the links below. Please make sure to sign up with your email. If you have already downloaded the reUser app, please make sure it is updated to the most recent version before the start of the school year. Check out this helpful video and guide to get started.

Google Play:
Apple App Store:

We welcome your feedback! If there is something you would like to see or something we could do to improve your experience, please reach out to James directly at

We look forward to reUsing together!

The reUser Team