Fourth-quarter courses spring 2020

Subject Catalog Section Descr WES_INSTR WES_MEETING Cap Enrl Wes Tot Enroll Course ID CSPL  262 01 Intro to Soc Entrepreneurship Kingsley,Makaela Jane …..F. 01:20PM-03:20PM, Loc:ALLB103 30 26 014436 CSS  320 02 Jr Tut: China in Global Econ Bonin,John P. …..F. 02:00PM-04:00PM, Loc:PAC421 10 6 003390 CSS  330 02 Jr Gov Tut: Global Trends Rutland,Peter …..F. … Read moreFourth-quarter courses spring 2020

Peter Morgenstern-Clarren ’03 Social Justice Employee Recognition Award

Nominations are now being accepted for the Peter Morgenstern-Clarren ’03 Employee Recognition Award. Eligible Wesleyan employees include custodians, dining staff, grounds crew, and building maintenance staff (i.e. electricians, plumbers). The award is to honor and thank the people whose everyday work helps the students at Wesleyan. Nominators may only submit one person for consideration; you … Read morePeter Morgenstern-Clarren ’03 Social Justice Employee Recognition Award