Get Ready for Wes! Week 8

Dean’s Note Dear incoming students, I hope pre-registration planning is going well and you’re finding courses that spark your interest. Please know that our Academic Peer Advisors are available if you have any questions; you can be in touch with them via You still have time to consult the Advising Guidelines to seek out … Read more

Tips for Student Athletes

Meetings? Class? Practice? Film? TA sessions? If you are a student athlete at Wes, juggling all your responsibilities can be a daunting task. Have no fear! The peer advisors are here to provide some tips to help you out. Also do not feel overwhelmed; if you need help balancing everything it is very normal and … Read more

Get Ready for Wes, week 7

Dean’s Note Pre-Registration Planning has begun. Please keep in mind this is the first part of a three-part registration process. During planning, you should be selecting courses of interest and ranking them in your preferred order. Be sure to build full list(s) to maximize your chances of getting a desirable schedule during the scheduling process. … Read more

Academic Peer Advisor Post about Common Reading

Hi there class of 2023 and transfer students! I just started reading Find Me Unafraid: Love, Loss and Hope in an African Slum by Kennedy Odede ‘12 and Jessica Posner ‘09 and within the first two pages I was captivated by the engaging and compelling narration of Kennedy’s story. When I got to the first … Read more

Get Ready for Wes, week 6

Dean’s Note You should have received a note from Joan Chiari, our wonderful assistant, today explaining that this year’s Common Reading (Find Me Unafraid: Love, Loss, and Hope in an African Slum) is now available to you online and that you must use the code provided. The link for your responses is also included in … Read more

Academic Peer Advisor Course Selection Tips

First off, congratulations! The academic peer advisors and I are excited to meet you all during new student orientation! Right now you’re getting emails about your upcoming course selection and reading through the Advising Guidelines. I remember during the summer before coming to Wesleyan how excited I was to take new classes in subjects I … Read more

Get Ready for Wes, week 5

Dean’s Note Now that the July 1 deadline is behind us, we’ll begin turning our attention to pre-registration preparation in earnest and looking at the sources of support that are available to you. This week I’d like to draw special attention to the Academic Peer Advisors (APAs) who will help you prepare for your academic … Read more

Academic Peer Advisor Information and Welcome

Hi everyone, and welcome to Wesleyan! We are so excited to have you all here. This post will serve as an introduction to the Academic Peer Advisors here at Wesleyan, as well as a (very brief) overview of some of the resources we can help provide for all of you. Please do not hesitate to … Read more