Wes 101: Finishing Up, Planning Ahead

Wesleyan in  the early 1970s

 Wes 101: Finishing Up, Planning Ahead


Dear ’23,

I hope you’re all doing as well as possible and practicing self-care.

A few things:


  1. If you’re struggling to finish up the term, please be in touch. I would be glad to be of help.
  2. If you’d like to take a summer course at another institution and transfer the credit back, here is what you need to do:


In order to initiate the process, please be in touch with the relevant department chair based on the course content in order to have the course pre-approved for transfer. You should provide the chairperson with a syllabus and/or course description.


Please keep in mind that you need to earn a C- or better in order to transfer the credit, but the grade will not appear on your Wesleyan academic history. You can use an outside credit to satisfy Gen Ed requirements; you can also use them to satisfy major requirements if the department allows it. Once you have completed the course, please send the transcript to me. You can transfer up to 2.00 credits in a summer, 4.00 credits in a term.

Here is the appropriate form with all of the policies.


  1. I  saw this and thought it might be helpful: https://www.thecrimson.com/flyby/article/2020/5/5/how-to-not-revert-high-school-self/
  2. Finally, biannual end of term tips:

When you are running on little sleep, make no big decisions and draw no
big conclusions (especially about your abilities and character). Your judgment
and studying efficiency are impaired when you have too little sleep. Exams
are a test of your knowledge, not of your identity and personal worth.

Remember: You belong here. It is difficult, but you will be fine. A
demanding college demands hard work. You will discover resources within you that you did not know you had. Resilience is an invaluable ability to possess.
So, believe in yourself, and know that I believe in you, too.
You can do it, so go forward and conquer, brave class of 2023!

Take good care,








Jennifer Wood (she, her, hers)
Dean for the Class of 2023

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