Wes 101: Three Strategies for Productivity

Wes 101:  Three Strategies for Productivity



Dear ’23,

I hope you’re taking things day by day and taking good care of yourselves.

A few tips as we  begin closing in on the end of the semester:

  1. Set small daily goals:

It is important to recognize that these aren’t normal times and your productivity is likely not at its peak right now. That’s okay. Setting daily goals can help you to make your day as productive as possible, but be realistic with the goals you set. Big goals may seem insurmountable right now; instead, focus on small goals for each day that you can cross off your list so that you can build toward the larger goals. Get through the assigned articles for your upcoming class. Finish the first draft of a paper.

2. Try pomodoro-style study sessions to maximize energy bursts

Pomodoro sessions, based on the Pomodoro Technique, prioritize working for 25 minute bursts with five minute breaks in between. Various apps, such as Tomato Timer or Focus Keeper, can be helpful.

3. Create virtual study groups so that you’re connecting and studying with classmates

Actively discussing course material can a very effective study technique. Remember to stay focused and use the time wisely; build some time in at the end to socialize/commiserate.


Also, tonight at 8:00 EST, a global, virtual Take Back the Night. Register here.


Finally, remember that you have until the last day of classes to decide whether to convert to CR/U by notifying your instructor of your decision.

Take care,