Our peer advisors for the class of 2023

Haley Brumberger 2020

Haley Brumberger

Hi! My name is Haley Brumberger. As a member of the Class of 2020 here at Wesleyan, I am an English and Earth & Environmental Science (E&ES) double major – with a minor in the IDEAS (Integrated Design, Engineering, and Applied Science) program – and may be pursuing a fifth-year MA from Wesleyan in E&ES after I graduate. I am from a suburb outside of Philadelphia, PA, and am a huge Flyers fan (and a huge hockey fan in general). I am also – in addition to being an Academic Peer Advisor and the intern in the office of Student Academic Resources – a Brother of the Co-Ed fraternity on campus (Psi Upsilon), a co-captain of the Wesleyan Club Ice Hockey Team, a member of the Wesleyan Ski and Snowboard team, and a student researcher in the Varekamp Volcanology lab (in the E&ES department). Before coming to Wesleyan, I took a gap year, which was incredible (please feel free to ask me about it)! When I arrived at Wesleyan after my gap year, I was pretty committed to pursuing Physics as a major. However, Wesleyan’s flexible curriculum allowed me to explore all the different areas of study that I am interested in – Studio Art, English, Environmental Science, and Math, to name a few – leading me to realize that I am more excited and passionate about other subjects. I would love to answer any questions, address any concerns, and provide some advice on or insight into any problems you may have, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me at hbrumberger@wesleyan.edu. I look forward to meeting you in the fall! Welcome to Wes!


Sydney Taylor-Klaus 2020

Sydney Taylor-Klaus

Hey there! My name is Sydney Taylor-Klaus 2020, and I’m a rising senior from Atlanta, Georgia. I chose Wes because I wanted to be able to study hard sciences and still take art classes, so I’m a Chemistry Major with an unofficial concentration in Neuroscience and Behavior (NS&B) — and I’ve taken a lot of studio art classes as well. I am considering double majoring, but am keeping my options open, so we’ll see what happens. I have worked as a theater technician in the Center for the Arts (CFA) and have done tech and lighting for a number of shows through Second Stage (one of our student theater groups). I’m a captain of Vicious Circles, the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team here on campus, and also rowed with the Crew team for a semester because I wanted to try something new and different. If you have any questions about all the choices and options you’ll have here at Wes — the possible majors, classes, or activities to get involved with — I’m happy to help you figure out a schedule that keeps all of your options open to let you try different things. Feel free to email me anytime at staylorklaus@wesleyan.edu. Also, if you’re ever curious, I know some of the best trees on campus both to climb or to set up a hammock! Can’t wait to see you all around campus.


Jack Wang 2021

Jack Wang

Hi! My name is Jack Wang and I am a rising junior (2021) at Wesleyan. I was born and raised in Shanghai, China, and I came to the States to study on my own at age 15. I have pursued a variety of academic interests at Wesleyan because I honestly had no idea what I wanted to major in. I have taken interesting courses from many disciplines including Sociology, Computer Science, Government, Psychology, Philosophy, Math, Spanish, Economics, and Data Analysis. I eventually decided to major in Economics because it would allow me to pursue a combination of reading, writing, and quantitative analysis. Now, I would like to take a step further and help more students with diverse backgrounds and interests to optimize their academic experiences and maximize their potential. I’m a peer tutor for intro math and econ classes, as well as a language partner for Chinese classes. I’m a member of the Road to Finance Club and the Wesleyan Investment Group. I have also been involved in Wesleying and the Wesleyan Argus to create original content for the community. My biggest passion outside of school is to travel and I am fortunate enough to have visited over 20 countries across the globe. Please feel free to contact me about anything at cwang01@wesleyan.edu.