Get Ready for Wes! Week 12

Dean’s Note

This will be the last “Get Ready for Wes” newsletter, but I will continue to reach out to you via email and our class blog. I’m sure you’re feeling both nervous and excited about this new adventure. Just know that we are thrilled to be welcoming you to Wes!

Make sure that you fill out the Academic Integrity and Code of Conduct as well as the Religious & Spiritual Life Survey, both of which are due tomorrow.

We’ve also re-opened the link for your Common Reading response, as we recognize time differences, work schedules and technological issues made this difficult to submit for some of you.

In terms of course registration, you should add all possible courses of interest to your “Courses Not Scheduled” list. During the live adjustment period from 8:00-10:00 a.m. on August 30, you will see a gray “Enroll” button appear next to courses when seats become available. You will also be able to speak with your advisor in the morning of August 29 and peer advisors will be available by appointment from noon to 5:30 p.m. on that same day.

In reading over your Academic Interest Questionnaire responses, I noticed a great deal of worry regarding major declaration and post-Wes careers.

First, know that you have time to consider your options and try different things, so don’t feel that you have to have everything figured out. You might look over the major admission requirements so that you can tentatively plan, but just know that you will be able to pursue subjects that spark your intellectual curiosity.

Second, Wesleyan offers majors, minors and certificates in many different fields, which allows you greater flexibility in pursuing different topics.

Third, the relationship between your major and career isn’t always directly correlated; for example, you might want to look over this amazing graph created by a Math professor at Williams tracing the major-career path relationship for over 15,000 alumni.

I also wanted to point you toward a few important resources, such as information concerning the three-year option and a chart regarding AP/IB test credits (please note that you can only count 2.00 pre-matriculant credits toward the 32.00 you will need for the Wesleyan degree).

Make sure that you’re looking over tips on what to pack and how to approach New Student Orientation.

Finally, WASTE NOT, an eco-friendly tag sale for charity, will be held on August 31 and September 1.

Academic Highlights

As you begin your first year at Wesleyan, you should review the academic regulations and the 2019-2020 student handbook, because they will help you successfully navigate Wesleyan and inform your decision-making. Look over the degree requirements and review the information about academic standing as well as academic review and promotion. It is also important that you explore the general regulations because they discuss course enrollment, attendance, and grading. The student handbook features information and policies concerning student conduct. As these are the university’s regulations and expectations, you are responsible for knowing them as you enter into this community.

Message from the Orientation Interns

With Orientation coming up next week, we have a few things that we wanted to remind you about so you’re ready to go once you step onto campus.

First of all, make sure to look at the required forms on WesPortal under the New Student Checklist. Have these filled out and ready to turn in once you get to campus. These include the direct deposit form, your employment eligibility verification, and your W4 forms. These are required for all students, whether or not you want an on-campus job.

When you arrive on campus on the 28th, please be sure to check in at the Arrival Site before 1:00 PM. This is where you will turn in the forms mentioned above, get your WesID, and much more! More information regarding Arrival Day can be found here.

Secondly, get familiar with Guidebook. This is the service used to stay connected with all things happening during Orientation. You can access it through an app on your smartphone or the web browser of any web-connected device. You can browse the schedule, meet the Orientation Leaders, and see a schedule of events during “WesWOW” – Wesleyan’s Week of Welcome.

While building your schedule, please remember that all Orientation events are required, except for events that happen at the same time as others. With those, you get to choose which to attend!

We cannot wait to see you all soon.

The Orientation Interns
Naraa Altai ‘22
Ivanie Cedeño ‘22
Michelle Lei ‘21
Ariana Baez ‘22
Anya Kisicki ‘22
(860) 685 5666