Prizes & the BA/MA application process

Dear ’23,

A few different announcements…



First, a final reminder about nominating a Wesleyan employee (eligible Wesleyan employees include custodians, dining staff, grounds crew, and building maintenance staff, e.g., electricians, plumbers) for the Morgernstern-Clarren Social Justice Prize by March 31:



Second, some information regarding the BA/MA application process:

Students must apply for BA/MA program before they complete their undergraduate studies. Careful planning of one’s schedule of courses and research is essential for completion of both the BA and MA degrees. In the optimal case, a student will have 1) started research in the summer prior to their senior year, and 2) plan to take coursework during the senior year that can be applied to the MA degree.

For the BA/MA application process, there is one application period of September 1 – January 15 for both fall and spring entry terms.
The online application opens on September 1 and closes on January 15.
Students completing the BA in six or eight semesters apply to the BA/MA program by January 15 just prior to their final semester.
Students completing the BA in seven semesters apply to the BA/MA program by January 15 just prior to their sixth semester.

More information is available here:



The Khachig Tololyan Fund for the Study of Diasporas and Transnationalism

Third, the Khachig Tölölyan Fund supports a monetary prize for second-semester juniors to be used to buy the successful applicant some free time in the summer before senior year to start research on Honors theses on particular topics more fully described here:



Finally, Student Academic Resources is hiring!

  • Enjoy learning new skills to improve your experience as a student?
  • Find fulfillment when helping others to learn something new?
  • Want to provide support to your fellow Wes peers?


Apply to be a Peer AdvisorNew Student Orientation (NSO) Peer Advisor, or a Peer Technology Specialist and provide Peer academic support with SAR!


You do not need to be an expert; you only need a desire to learn and an aspiration to help your peers!

Please contact Crystal Rose via Zoom Office Hours or email (


I hope you’re doing well.

Just be in touch if I can be of help at any point.

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