Updates Deadlines & Dates for the Spring Term

Dear ’23,
I hope your break has been truly that and has allowed for some time to decompress and rest. Wesleyan is currently covered by almost a foot of snow at the moment, so I hope our students who are on campus or the surrounding areas are staying warm and safe.

Due to the shift in the opening of our semester, some important dates have also shifted:

1.20-2.9: Drop/Add period
1.20-2.9: On-campus enrollment period
1.27 Classes begin
2.23 For courses in which students have an option of grading
mode, the final choice must be made by 5 p.m.
3.4 Last day to withdraw from 3rd quarter classes
3.11 3rd quarter classes end
3.12-3.20 Spring break
3.21 4th quarter classes begin. 4th quarter classes may be
added or dropped during the five working days
following the first class meeting
4.27 Last day to withdraw from full semester & 4th quarte
5.4 Classes end
5.5-5.9 Reading period
5.10-5.13 Final examinations

Also, please find some updated deadlines from the Patricelli Center:

Clinton Global Initiative University (applications due 1.21)
$5k Seed Grant (applications due 1.30)
$10k Davis Projects for Peace (applications due 1.30)
Map The System (applications due 1.31)
Patricelli Center Fellowship (begins 1.27)
Community Impact Residency (begins 1.27)
Startup Incubator (begins 1.27)
Engaged Projects (begins 1.27)

Take care and just be in touch if you have any questions or concerns,