Ideals into Practice Course

Looking for a low-time-commitment class with real world applications to fill out your schedule? Consider enrolling in CSPL 405/406: Ideals into Practice, now open to students of all class years!

Ideals into Practice (I2P) is a program designed to help you reflect on your college experience and translate the skills you learn to a career-focused context. Through weekly meetings with a small student cohort, you’ll discuss a variety of self-reflection exercises that will help you clarify your goals for your time at Wesleyan and beyond. I2P will guide you through compiling these reflections into a personal digital portfolio, creating a resource that both documents and analyzes your time at Wes.
I2P is a year-long program that counts for 0.25 credits per year. The course sequence is repeatable, allowing you to earn a total of 1.00 credits over the course of 4 years. For more information, check out the Ideals into Practice website, the WesMaps listing, or email questions to

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