Wes 101: Study Cycle

Wes 101: The Study Cycle

Dear ’23,

I hope you’re doing okay. It does seem like every single person on this campus/petri dish is ill, so please take care of yourselves.

As they say,

The Grading Mode Deadline is next Wednesday, February 19. You can use the toggle switch in your class schedule for any courses that have the student grading option.

COL Open House:
“Meet COL professors and students at the College of Letters Open House Tuesday, February 25, 4:30-5:30, in the COL Library on the third floor of Boger Hall (41 Wyllys Ave.) The COL is a three-year Humanities major. Students study literature, history, and philosophy, learn a foreign language, spend a semester abroad, and write a senior thesis or essay. You apply in the second semester of your freshman year. Applications for admission are due Monday, March 23, 2020 at COL website www.wesleyan.edu/col.

If you have questions but cannot make it to the Open House, please email the department director atuplass@wesleyan.edu.”


Two more Digital Accessibility Notes:

Glean is designed to make good note-taking come naturally. By recording conversations and presentations, Glean enables you to capture everything while staying in the moment. Glean is intuitive, fun, cloud-based, and it takes only a minute to get started.

In my opinion, Glean allows you to record the instructor’s lecture pretty much perfectly, while also adding your own notes on the side of the screen. It’s pretty much amazing, particularly if you have trouble writing things down while listening to the instructor.

Please be in touch with Crystal Rose Hill (chill01@wesleyan.edu) to get set up.


Google Docs voice typing option (while you’re in Google Chrome, under tools)

Broken finger? Want to brainstorm a project by talking it out with your team? Want to get started on your paper while discussing it with friends, your instructor, an Academic Peer Advisor, writing tutor or just by thinking aloud?  This is a wonderful tool available to anyone.


-Self-Care Workshop for Survivors

Academic Tip of the Week

How many of you take notes in class and don’t look at them again until you’re studying for the test?

This is the moment to change that: start reviewing your notes after class (within 24 hours). This helps fill in the gaps, helps you formulate questions, annotate, etc. If you then preview them again before the next class meeting, you’ll begin to really learn and know the material.  

This, in concert with Glean (listed above), we’ve covered the top two squares, and we’ll talk more about the bottom two next week.

Really, take good care. Get lots of sleep, make sure that you’re washing your hands/hand sanitizing after you touch that door handle, swipe your ID, etc., and don’t share water bottles and the like.

Have a lovely weekend,







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