Wes 101: Midterms

Wes 101: Midterms

Dear ’23,
I hope you’re doing well and taking care of yourselves!

A few announcements:

October 11: Last day to withdraw from first-quarter courses. This does not apply to full-credit courses; these are mostly PHED courses, for example, that are only offered for the first quarter of the term.

October 19-22: Fall Break!

PG/Gap Year Dinner
Have you taken some time off during your educational trajectory? Please join us for dinner on Wednesday, October 9, from 5:00 to 6:00 in Albritton 311. Please RSVP below!

10 Test-Taking Tips

  1. Before the test, try to predict the questions that will be on the exam. This is an active learning exercise that helps you focus your studying.
  2. Study with friends and quiz each other. This can help you figure out if there are any material that you might need to focus more on, while also making sure that you understand the material enough to explain it to others.
  3. Do not study in large blocks of time, but rather 3-5 short study sessions per day.
  4. Write out important information as soon as you get the test, whether formulas, dates, mnemonics, key things you need to remember, etc. I’m also a big fan of listening to music as you go in to take the exam, as you get to avoid the nervous chatter and get in a good head space.
  5. Preview the test and consider how much time you’ll need for each section.
  6. Answer the easier questions first in order to build up momentum and confidence.
  7. Express difficult questions in your own words in order to clarify a question’s main pint.
  8. Leave time for review so that you can catch simple mistakes and avoid losing points.
  9. Go over the test once you get it back so that you can review your performance; don’t be afraid to go to the instructor to discuss any points that are not clear.
  10. Do not get derailed by a disappointing test grade, as it does not say anything about your ability or character, but rather that you need to refocus your notetaking and study habits. Perhaps you understood the material at a surface level, but your instructor wanted deeper analytical things and applied knowledge.

Major Department and Program Open House Calendar, Fall 2019
This is generally geared toward sophomores, but I wanted to send it to you as well so that if you wanted to get more information about different majors, minors and certificates, there are times when faculty will be available (often with food) to discuss their program. More information is below:

Major Department and Program Open House Calendar, Fall 2019

Meet Laura Patey!

Laura Patey, dean for academic advancement, works with the class deans, student academic resources, and accessibility services. This is Dean Patey’s sixth year at Wesleyan and over the past few years, she has expanded the peer advising and peer tutoring programs and has worked collaboratively with the Resource Center, the Gordon Career Center, and other offices across campus to provide workshops that support student access.

Dean Patey’s work on campus is based in her understanding of the importance of a growth mindset approach to learning. She enjoys engaging with students in the process of developing learning strategies that focus on mindset, motivation, and metacognition. With colleagues in Student Affairs, Dean Patey helped to coordinate a five-part program centered on resilience that included workshops on mindfulness, positive psychology, self-care and learning from failure.

Dean Patey has over thirty years of experience in accessibility services having previously served as Director of Access Services for Students at Lesley University and in a similar position at Wheelock College. She lives on campus with her partner and enjoys spending time with her pups as they visit with folks on their daily walks around campus.

.Please be in touch if I can be of help.


Dean Wood