4.27 email to class of 2023

Dear ’23,
-Pre-registration ends tomorrow at 5:00 pm, so make sure that you’re talking with your faculty advisor and that you have at least 3.00 credits going into to the fall term.

-The last day to change the grading mode of student-option courses is also tomorrow at 5:00 pm (big day). To review or change the grading mode of a course, login to portal and click on “Class Schedule.” The grading mode is listed in the “Grade” column. For a student option course, the grading mode can be changed using the drop down menu in the grade column. Advisor approval is not required for grading mode changes.

Finally, some tips to keep you motivated:

:Organize where you work, particularly if it’s your room (as it’s where you sleep, hang out, etc.). As much as you may claim that it’s organized chaos, it might actually just be chaos. If you spend time every day looking for your laptop and/or phone under laundry and papers and whatever, clean and organize, as it will help you focus.

Use technology to keep you motivated, like Forest as it has you plant a virtual tree when you begin working, and as time passes the tree continues to grow as long as you don’t leave the app. Or use Notion, an all-in-one workspace that you can share and keeps you organized; it can even store your notes.

Get your sleep routine together as much as possible, as it will really impact your physical and mental health as well as your productivity if you’re exhausted all the time.

Use your time effectively and take breaks. Rather than trying to study in long blocks of time, use the Pomodoro method, which entails studying intensively for 25 minutes, with a 5-minute break. And when you take breaks, don’t spend them on your laptop or phone; actually go outside, look at Wesleyan’s beautiful landscaping, breathe.

Have something to look forward to. Plan a summer camping trip, schedule in some yoga with friends, etc.

These are relatively small things, but they can make a huge difference, particularly this semester.
Take good care and know that I’m here,