Degree Requirements

Dear ’23,

I wanted to begin discussing degree requirements with you so that you’re knowledgeable about them, even as sophomores:


The requirements are:

  1. Satisfaction of requirements for a major
  2. Satisfactory completion of 32.00 course credits, no fewer than 16.00 of which must be earned at Wesleyan or in Wesleyan-sponsored programs
  3. A cumulative grade point average of 74 percent
  4. At least six semesters in residence at Wesleyan as full-time students for students entering in their first year (for students entering as sophomore transfers, at least five semesters in residence at Wesleyan as full-time students; for students entering as midyear sophomores or junior transfers, at least four semesters in residence at Wesleyan as full-time students).


In terms of credits, it is important to be cognizant of oversubscription. Oversubscription enforces the limits on the number of credits students can count toward the total of 32.00 course credits.


  • No more than 16.00 credits in any one subject can be counted toward the degree requirements.
  • All course credits posted to a student’s academic records will be considered for oversubscription, including pre-matriculant credits.
  • A course offered in more than one subject designation (i.e., cross-listed) will count in all subjects in which it is offered.
  • A student who exceeds these limits will be considered oversubscribed, and the additional course credits may not count toward the 32.00 required for the bachelor of arts. So, for example, if you had earned 17.00 credits in HIST, one of those credits would not count toward the 32.00. If you brought in 3.00 pre-matric credits (AP, IB, college credit), one of those credits would not count toward the 32.00.


In your WesPortal, you have a credit analysis report.

The report lets you know how your semesters in residence, GPA, Wesleyan credits, etc., and alerts you to oversubscription. If there is a discrepancy between earned and useable graduation credits, oversubscription is often the reason.

Here is additional information regarding how to read the credit analysis report:


Please begin to look over your credit analysis report each semester.

I want to be sure that you’re keeping the requirements in mind as we move forward.


Please continue to be in touch.

Take good care and be well, 2023.