Wes 101: Goals, Assistive Technologies, Great Opportunities and FMOOWMP

Dear ’23,

I hope you’re all doing well and the term is off to a great start.


To start off the semester, I think it’s a great idea for students to consider their goals for the term. These goals do not need to be lofty, but can be pragmatic (get more sleep, become more involved) or philosophical (I will continue to learn more about myself through therapy, I will believe in myself  and know that I belong here). I’ve attached a handy goals worksheet that also asks three things:

  1. One thing you’ll continue to do this term.
  2. One thing you’re going to start doing this term.
  3. One thing you’ll stop doing this term.

This can be a productive moment of self-reflection and re-centering.


My second point is that Crystal Rose Hill, an absolute wizard in terms of assistive technologies and a very helpful resource for students,  just sent out information about Glean and Bee Line, so I wanted to share this with you. I use Bee Line and it is phenomenally useful for reading any digital materials.



Glean is designed to make good note taking come naturally. By recording conversations and presentations, Glean enables users to capture everything while staying in the moment. Glean is intuitive, fun, cloud-based, and it takes only a minute to get started. For more information, please watch this short introductory video: https://vimeo.com/357554505

If you are interested in trying out Glean, please email Crystal Rose Hill at chill01@wesleayn.edu; be sure to include your Wesleyan email address – this is where you will receive the invitation link.



BeeLine Reader applies gradient colors to assist with eye tracking, speed, and focus while reading digital materials. As a Wesleyan user, you have access to two BeeLine Reader Chrome extensions (one for web pages and one for PDFs) and the beta BeeLine Reader PDF converter. You will find the links and directions for activating BeeLine Reader in your WesPortal, just search for “BeeLine”.


Third, there are some incredible opportunities that I’ve posted information about on the class blog, so please check these out:


-Apply to be a summer assistant in the Sustainability Office.


-Apply to be an NSO Peer Advisor! The deadline to apply is February 17.


The College of Social Studies major application is available now: the deadline is February 11.


-Be a part of the English Learners Tutoring Program.


-Check out the Boston Career Trek program through the Gordon Career Center.


-If you’re thinking about taking a Summer Session course at Wesleyan, please look over this Financial Aid information, as it explains their process.


-Learn more about the 2020 Civic Engagement Funding and Events.

Finally, check out this great video about faculty office hours. What is FMOOWMP? Find out!


Take care, use lots of hand sanitizer and get lots of rest!