Five Ways to Have a Successful First Term

5 Ways to Have a Successful First Term

1. Become an active learner: actively read, write and speak in order to apply the knowledge rather than passively absorbing it. Ask questions, be engaged. Relate content whenever possible to issues and problems you care about and think about how you would explain it to someone not in your course. Think of examples in your life that connect to what you’re learning.

2. Be communicative with your instructors and go to their office hours and ask questions in order to better understand the material and get to know them better (and more importantly, allow them to get to know you). Use your resources.

3. Figure out what study skills you need to work on (time management, note-taking, studying for tests, active listening, close reading, etc.) and then reach out to the Academic Peer Advisors for help. Make sure that you have a big calendar (available in the basement of North College) to map everything on your syllabi in one place so you can visually get a sense of what you need to do for the term.

4. Become an even more active learner: Try to predict quiz/test questions, try to summarize the main points of a class meeting or reading, create your own opinions/arguments relating to the material. Ask questions as you read.

5. Practice self-care. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep, eating well enough to avoid scurvy, staying in touch with home and getting away from work in order to relax (whether that means meditation, going to the gym, playing the violin or just hanging out with friends).